Food establishments which include restaurants, taverns, retail (grocery and convenience) stores are inspected on a routine basis throughout the year by our Environmental Specialist. The Adair County Health Department’s Environmental Specialist conducts routine and follow-up inspections of about 140 different food establishments in Adair County.

Deficiencies noted during inspections are categorized as either Critical or Non-Critical.

Critical Violations – are defined as violations more likely to contribute to food contamination, illness, or environmental health hazard.  These items must receive immediate action as stated by the regulatory authority.

Non-Critical Violations – are items that relate to maintenance of food operations and cleanliness.  These items are to be corrected as soon as possible but not later than the next regular inspection or as stated by the regulatory authority.

Below is a list of inspected food establishments in Adair County.  Information for an individual facility may be viewed by clicking on its establishment link below. Data is being added continually. Please check back often.