Inspection Results for Wooden Nickel

Wooden Nickel
114 S. Elson
Kirksville, MO 63501


Critical Items

  1. None

Non-Critical Items

  1. 5-205.11 Spoon laying in the hand wash sink in the kitchen.
  2. 6-501.12 Accumulation of grease, soil and food debris on the floor of the kitchen below equipment.
  3. 6-501.14 Grease build up on the ventilation hood and filters.
  4. 4-602.13 (a) Lint accumulation on the ceiling of the walk-in cooler above food products. (b) Food debris in the bottom of the upright freezer.
  5. 3-304.12 Handle of the ice scoop laying in the ice at ice bin.
  6. 4-903.11 Packages of carry out trays stored on the floor behind front counter.