Local Emergency Preparedness

The Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC) works with the Missouri Emergency Response Commission to “protect public health and the environment by assisting communities with chemical incident prevention, preparedness, response and recovery; and by receiving, processing and reporting on chemical information received under the community right-to-know laws.”

Contact Information for the LEPC or the Office of Emergency Management

E-mail: kvfire@kirksvillecity.com

Missouri Emergency Response Commission

The Missouri Emergency Response Commission (MERC) “actively seeks to maintain a complete and effective emergency response plan. The MERC meets monthly, and members communicate frequently. The commission is divided into subcommittees that focus on functional areas of the plan (e.g., law enforcement, fire fighting). The MERC relies on the experience and training of the U.S. Coast Guard for general information and maintenance of the effective emergency response plan.

The MERC maintains a column in a quarterly newsletter that is distributed throughout the state. The group uses this newsletter to distribute information to various commission members and to the public. The MERC is also active in educating its members. Commission members frequently participate in LEPC meetings to keep abreast of changes and initiatives in local planning activities. Federal, state, local government, and industry issues are presented. All participants are able to see the overall plan and jurisdictional concerns are eliminated as they work towards a common goal.”