Inspection Results for Kirksville Country Club

Kirksville Country Club
1115 Country Club Drive
Kirksville, MO 63501


Critical Items

  1. 3-501.17 (a) No date marking on cooked products in the True reach-in cooler. (b) Cooked products in the walk-in cooler is not date marked.
  2. 6-501.111 Mouse droppings observed in the liquor cabinet.

Non-Critical Items

  1. 4-602.13 (a) Food debris in the bottom of the True reach-in cooler. (b) Soil on lower shelves in center island. (c) Grease buildup on the table below grill/griddle.
  2. 6-501.12 (a) Heavy soil and food debris on the floor behind the cook line – repeat. (b) Food debris and soil on the floor of walk-in cooler. (c) Trash on the floor in the corner below dishwasher.
  3. 6-501.14 Grease beginning to drip for ventilation hood over equipment – repeat.
  4. 3-305.11 Boxes of food products on the floor of the walk-in cooler.
  5. 4-502.13 Reusing cardboard to line shelf in walk-in cooler.
  6. 4-501.11 Microwave door opening button not functioning correctly.