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Keep Your Valentine Safe This February! 

Our prevention tips can help you keep your favorite people safe and sound in February and all year long.

In this month’s newsletter, we help you keep those New Year’s resolutions with information about supplements, plus other news and advice from Missouri Poison Center.

Pre Workout Supplements

For many people, a new work-out routine also involves using pre-workout supplements to “boost” the exercise session. Pre-workout supplements are similar to medications because they can alter the body and may cause unwanted side effects, but unlike medications, supplements are not regulated by the FDA. The Missouri Poison Center is often asked, “Are supplements safe?” The answer is somewhat complicated.

2020 Poison Prevention Week Poster Contest 

Don’t forget that National Poison Prevention Week is March 15-21, 2020. Each year the Missouri Poison Center hosts a poster contest for students to draw, paint, and color their messages about poison safety.  The contest is open to all K through 4th graders in St. Louis City and County schools. Poster entries must be received by Friday, February 14, 2020.

Is Hand Lotion Toxic?

Winter air can dry out the skin, and many people turn to hand or body lotion to get some relief. We often get calls about lotion this time of year. Children love to imitate adults and sometimes use lotions the right way by rubbing it onto the skin, but often they decide to do a taste test instead.  Lotion is not toxic, so the small amount that a child usually eats will not make your child sick.

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