December 8, 2022

Winter Safety and Poison Control
Missouri Poison Center Logo/Number

Poisonings never take a break, even during the holidays. The Missouri Poison Center is ready to help every day of the year. We recommend saving the Poison Help Line 1-800-222-1222 into your phone before your holiday activities begin. The service is always free and confidential.

Holiday Safety for Small Children

Holiday parties are an adventure for a toddler, and their curiosity meter goes into overdrive with so many new things to see, taste, and touch. Check out the environment to see if you can identify any possible poison hazards at a child’s eye level.


Child Safety

Keep an eye out for unlocked cabinets, unattended purses, cleaning supplies, stairs, or hot objects. Remember to store these items out of a child’s sight and reach.


Winter Plants

Various traditional holiday plants, such as mistletoe, poinsettias, and amaryllis, can pose a risk to children. If someone has ingested part of a plant, do not try to identify and treat it from information online! Save time and call the Missouri Poison Center.

Button Batteries
Many toys and holiday cards contain small pieces, including button batteries. These pose a choking hazard and could cause more severe damage if ingested. These batteries can cause burns, tissue injury, blockage, and even death if swallowed.


What should I do if someone swallows a battery? 

It is important to act quickly if someone has swallowed a button/disc battery. Call the poison center right away, and we will provide you with next steps. Do not force vomiting or give anything to eat or drink.

Know the size of the battery. There is a code on the packaging that identifies the size. This helps the healthcare provider determine the best treatment options. If the battery is in the esophagus, it must be removed immediately. If it is in the stomach or beyond, it may be safe to watch for passage through the stool.

Top Five Winter Toxins
A drop in temperature means a spike in exposures to winter toxins. If someone you know drank antifreeze, ingested ice melt, or got into ANY of these products, call the Poison Help Line immediately at 1-800-222-1222.

  1. Windshield Dicer & Antifreeze
  2. Ice Melt
  3. Lock Deicer
  4. Waterproofing Spray
  5. Hand Warmers