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National Poison Prevention Week

National Poison Prevention Week is March 18-24, 2018.  For more information about chemicals that shouldn’t be mixed go to Also with spring approaching, click here for some spring tips: Also be sure to keep the Poison Help Center number (1-800-222-1222) by your phone. For more information, go to poison

Adair County Health Department Needs You!

The Adair County Health Department is conducting a survey to determine how we can best use our resources to improve health in the County.  Your input is important!  Please click on the link below to take the survey.  Thank you in advance for your time and effort to improve health in Adair County!

MEASLES Cases Increasing in the U.S. – What you can do!

The large number of measles cases in the U.S. this year stresses the importance of parents making sure their children’s vaccinations are current. Healthcare providers should also use every patient encounter to ensure that all patients are up to date on vaccinations; especially before international travel. Travelers with measles continue to bring the disease into…

Radon Awareness Month

January is National Radon Awareness Month Radon is a cancer-causing radioactive gas Radon is a naturally occurring radioactive gas and comes from the natural breakdown uranium You cannot see, smell or taste radon, but it may be a problem in your home Radon can enter homes through cracks in floors, walls, or foundations, and collect…

2014-2015 Influenza Report

The Adair County Health Department is reporting 192 cases of influenza during December  2014 with 49 cases reported during January 2015.  These are cases reported from County health providers including physicians, the Northeast  Regional Medical Center, clinics, and other health providers.   It’s not to late to receive the benefits of a flu shot.  …


Please join the Adair County Health Department in celebrating Home Health month! Home health care is supportive care provided in the patient’s home by licensed healthcare professionals. Often, the term home health care is used to distinguish it from “in-home custodial services” which is care that is provided by persons who are not nurses, doctors, or other…

How We Can Slow the Spread of Respiratory Illness in Children (Enterovirus D68)

The Adair County Department and Kansas City area Health Departments encourages all citizens to follow the following steps to slow the spread of the respiratory illness Enterovirus  D68 in Missouri: Wash hands often with soap and water for 20 seconds, especially after changing diapers Avoid touching eyes, nose and mouth with unwashed hands Avoid kissing,…

ACHD 2014 Influenza Clinics

Flu Clinics Adair County Health Dept. influenza clinic dates scheduled for November 2014. Clinic Dates: Nov 3, 5, 7, 10, 12, 14, 17, 21, 24, 26 at the Health Department. Walk-in clinics from 8 am – 4 pm on these dates at the Health Department, 1001 S Jamison, Kirksville, MO 63501. Quadrivalent flu vaccine (covers…

August is National Immunization Awareness Month

Immunization protects all of us from serious diseases. Please join the Adair County Health Department in getting the word out about National Immunization Awareness Month! Many vaccine-preventable diseases are still common in the U.S. Those that are not common here are still found in other parts of the world, and can still be a threat.…

Having Surgery requiring Home Health Services? We can help!

Are you or a loved one scheduled for a surgery that may require the care of a skilled nurse or therapist when you return home?  If so, the Adair County Health Department Home Health Agency can help!  Many people have questions about home health care including: What is home health? What will the nurse do?…