November 30, 2016

HIV Testing

World AIDS Day  was December 1, 2016 and is a global initiative to raise awareness, fight prejudice, and improve education about HIV, the virus that causes AIDS.

Around the world, about 37 million people are living with HIV.

In the United States, about 44,000 people get infected with HIV every year.

In the United States, about 1 in 8 people who have HIV don’t know it.

HIV is passed from one person to another by:

  • Having unprotected sex with a person who has HIV
  • Sharing needles with someone who has HIV
  • Breastfeeding, pregnancy, or childbirth if the mother has HIV
  • Getting a transfusion of blood that’s infected with HIV (very rare in the United States)

The only way to know if you have HIV is to get tested. It’s important that everyone ages 15 to 65 gets tested for HIV at least once. Some people may need to get tested more often.

The Adair County Health Department performs HIV testing  thru the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services State Lab.  No lab fees are charged for  testing, however, patients will be charged for a brief exam based on a sliding fee scale. Test results take approximately 2 weeks.

No appointment is needed for HIV testing and testing is done during regular clinic hours:

Monday: 8-4

Wednesday: 8-4

Friday: 8-4

If you have additional questions regarding HIV testing, please feel free to call:

LOCAL: 660-665-8491   or   TOLL FREE:  1-888-665-8491

Please ask for a Clinic Nurse.


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