June 28, 2017

Fair Food Safety

A big part of summer for many people is attending the annual NEMO Fair. One of the biggest draws to the event, aside from the entertainment and carnival rides, is the many different types of foods and drinks available.

Foodborne illnesses increase during the summer months, making it even more important to follow food safety steps. There are several reasons that foodborne illnesses increase in summer; one is that people are cooking and eating outside more often. Safety controls, like monitoring of food temperatures, refrigeration, workers trained in food safety and washing facilities, are even more important to monitor when food is prepared in an  outdoor booth or mobile trailer at the fair.

All NEMO Fair food vendors must apply for a Temporary Food Permit at the Health Department. Prior to receiving a valid temporary permit, our Environmental Public Health Specialist is on-site at the fair conducting inspections to make sure each food vendor complies with safety regulations outlined in the Adair County Food Ordinance.

The Environmental Public Health Specialist ensures that food safety practices are followed at the NEMO fair just as they would be followed in local restaurants.  If the food vendor is in compliance with all safety regulations, a temporary food permit will be issued.  Food vendors should have this permit posted in a conspicuous place- so look for this permit if you are buying any food or drinks at the fair.

This year more than 20 food vendors will be at the  fair and you can be assured that each vendor’s food, food handling practices, food storage equipment, and washing facilities have been inspected.

The health department will always be actively involved in county events and festivals, such as the NEMO Fair, as it is our responsibility to protect the community from harmful foodborne related illnesses.

More information on food safety requirements can be found here in the Adair County Food Ordinance or you can call 660-665-8491 if you would like specific information regarding NEMO Fair Food Safety.