Nausea and Vomiting

Don’t force yourself to eat or drink if you are feeling nauseated or have been vomiting. It’s actually a good idea to wait a few hours if you are vomiting often. Along the way, try some small sips of water or ginger ale. When you are feeling a bit better, try sipping on some chicken broth, sports drink or even some jello to help keep you hydrated.

Sometimes the smell of cooking food can trigger the nausea. If this is happening, see if a family member or friend could precook food and bring it to you or stay away from the kitchen while food is being prepared.

Tips for Nausea/Vomiting

  • Eat small meals frequently
  • Eat food cold or at room temp (reduces smell)
  • Rinse mouth before and after meals to rid of bad taste in mouth
  • Sit up for an hour after eating to reduce nausea
  • Eat dry foods (crackers, toast, dry cereal)
  • Eat “cool” foods and not spicy foods
  • Don’t eat foods that are very sweet, greasy or fried



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