Inspection Results for Joe's Italian Restaurant

Joe's Italian Restaurant
2910 N. Baltimore St.
Kirksville, MO 63501


Critical Items

  1. 3-501.17 Cooked chicken and noodles in the walk-in cooler are not date marked.
  2. 3-501.16 (a) Shrimp and chicken in the top of the prep cooler at 45 F. (b) Salad dressing in the salad prep cooler at 46 F.
  3. Ordinance: No one present at time of the inspection with required food safety training.

Non-Critical Items

  1. 6-301.12 No paper towels available at the hand wash sinks.
  2. 3-304.12 Ice scoop handle in contact with the ice at the soda fountain – corrected.
  3. 6-303.11 One of the lights out in the walk-in cooler.
  4. 6-501.12 Food debris on the floor behind stoves,
  5. 4-204.112 (a) No thermometer available in the pizza prep cooler. (b) No thermometer observed in the salad prep cooler.
  6. 5-205.15 (a) Drain standing full of water in the kitchen. (b) Drain for the spray sink not draining.
  7. 3-305.11 (a) Boxes of corn starch on the floor in the storage room. (b) Sack of potatoes sitting on the floor – corrected.
  8. 5-501.113 Lids missing and others left open on the dumpster.