Having Surgery requiring Home Health Services? We can help!

Are you or a loved one scheduled for a surgery that may require the care of a skilled nurse or therapist when you return home?  If so, the Adair County Health Department Home Health Agency can help!  Many people have questions about home health care including:

  • What is home health?
  • What will the nurse do?
  • What is therapy like?
  • How often will a nurse or therapist come?
  • How long will services be needed?
  • What equipment will be needed to assist me?
  • Is my home set-up for my recovery?
  • How will home health staff communicate with my physician?
  • What will it cost?
  • How will you know I am home and what I need?

Adair County Health Department Home Health Agency offers a free “pre-surgical assessment” to answer your questions.  Call (660)665-8491 for further information.


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