March 3, 2023

02/28/23 COVID and Influenza Case Report
Please note the Y axis is a scale of positive cases reported to the Health Department for the past week ending Feb 28, 2023. Positive Home Covid-19 tests are included in this data if they are reported to us. During this same week, the Health Department has received 0 Influenza A cases. With infections still circulating in Adair County, we recommend:
1. Making a plan for you, family and friends to lower your risk of contracting respiratory viruses.
2. Get tested to determine if you are positive for Influenza or Covid-19. The Department of Health and Senior Services is scheduling (thru March 2023) free testing every Friday in Kirksville on the Truman campus (First Street and Randolph Street parking lot) from 10a to 6p.
3. Monitor your health every day. If you have symptoms see your health provider.
4. Stay home from work, school, or crowded events if you are sick.
5. Get vaccinated for Covid-19 and Influenza to help protect you and others.
6. Adjust your traveling plans according to your health status and evaluating the health risk of those you will be around.
7. Washing your hands often.
The Adair County Covid-19 community category is LOW. Please note that the Health Department will no longer publish Covid-19 and influenza weekly graphs for the public as our community remains LOW.