Weakened Immune System

Eating a healthy diet during and after cancer treatment can help your immune system stay on track and return to its best when you’re finished with cancer treatment. The immune system is responsible for helping you fight of infections that can occur during cancer. Researchers are studying nutrition as a means of reducing cancer risk, extending survival, and increasing quality of life.

Protein is important in helping the immune system stay strong: lean meat, fish, eggs, nuts.
Some foods contain certain levels of bacteria that can be harmful to the body on chemo. As a rule, most registered dieticians recommend avoiding the following due to bacteria levels:

  • Raw or under-cooked foods (meat, fish, shellfish, eggs, chicken)
  • Foods containing raw eggs
  • Unpasteurized milk and other dairy products
  • Soft cheeses (feta, brie, gorgonzola)
  • Unwashed raw fruits and veggies
  • Raw honey
  • Unpasteurized beer
  • Uncooked brewers yeast

Avoid salad bars, delis, buffets or potluck gatherings which have a higher risk of improperly stored or refrigerated foods.

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