Viva Italia

Inspection Results for:

Viva Italia
1101 E. Normal
Kirksville, MO 63501
(660) 665-3667


Date: 3/7/17                              Reason: Routine

Critical Items:
1. 3-501.16 Lettuce at 45 F in top of salad prep cooler (heaped above refrigeration level) – corrected.

Non-Critical Items:
1. 3-305.11 (a) Plates of salad resting on top of other salads with bottoms in contact with food. (b) Open bag of sugar in storage area.
2. 6-501.11 (a) Outer layer of sheetrock peeled creating hole near prep cooler. (b) Grout still missing from area of kitchen floor.
3. 2-402.11 Cook in the kitchen working without hair restraint.
4. 4-602.13 Food debris in the bottom of the cook’s prep cooler.
5. 6-501.12 (a) Food debris on the floor of the walk-in cooler. (b) Water pooled in the dish washing area on the floor.
6. 5-501.113 Lid left open on the dumpster.

Date: 9/26/17                              Reason: Routine

Critical Items:
1. 3-501.17 Foods in the prep cooler not date marked.
2. 3-302.11 Raw shell eggs stored above cooked products in the walk-in cooler.
3. 5-203.13 Spray nozzle at the 3 compartment sink hangs below the floor rim.
4. 4-703.11 Dishwasher is not sanitizing.
Ordinance: No one in charge with ServSafe or manager certification.

Non-Critical Items:
1. 6-501.11 Kitchen floor in poor repair with tiles broken and grout missing.
2. 5-205.15 (a) Water at kitchen hand wash sink too hot to effectively wash hands. (b) Water leaking from dishwasher drain onto the floor.
3. 6-501.14 Grease dripping from the ventilation hood.
4. 4-602.13 (a) Soil and food debris on the exterior of the kitchen equipment. (b) Metal filings and soil around the can opener blade.
5. 6-2010.11 Holes in the sheetrock wall in the kitchen.
6. 2-402.11 Employee in the kitchen working without hair restraint.
7. 6-501.12 (a) Food debris and soil on the kitchen floor. (b) Liquid and food debris on the walk-in cooler floor.
8. 4-501.11 Portable heater used in cabinet as a proofer.
9. 6-303.11 Lighting not adequate in the storage room.

Date: 10/11/17                              Reason: Follow up

Critical Items: None

Non-Critical Items:

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