A healthy diet with a variety of foods including fruits, veggies and protein, helps to give your body the reserves it needs to keep your strength up during cancer treatment. A healthy diet can help to rebuild your body’s tissues, keep your immune system strong to fight off infection, and also help some of the treatment side effects. Below are a few tips from women who have gone through breast cancer treatment.

  • Make Every Bite Count- choose nutrient dense food instead of calorie dense food. Example: Salad vs. Bag of Chips
  • Keep stool nearby- use a stool or chair to rest while you cook
  • Take a Multivitamin- talk to your Doctor about a good multivitamin if you are having a hard time eating enough food
  • Liquid Protein Supplements- ask your Doctor or a registered dietician about options for a liquid protein shake to help give you that needed boost
  • Meals on Wheels Service- Check to see if you qualify for “Meals on Wheels” services or other like services in your area
  • Buy in Bulk- when you feel well enough to go shopping, buy several packages of food that will stay fresh to eliminate store trips as often.

During cancer treatment, you can experience side effects that are unpleasant and can affect your diet. The links below will give you some tips if you are experiencing these side effects:



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