Low-Cost Lab Services

The Adair County Health Department offers a “low-cost” lab test program available to Adair County residents.

Low-Cost Lab Services Information

  • A Physician Order is required
  • Prior to visiting the Health Department, please call 665-8491 and ask to speak to a clinic nurse
    • The Clinic Nurse will:

√ Ensure that the Health Department can provide you with all tests listed on the Physician Order

√ Advised you of any requirements prior to your visit to the Health Department (example, if fasting is required for a test, etc)

  • Total cost of services
      • $20.00 Draw Fee
      • Lab fees*
  • The lab results will be sent to your physician or health provider
  • Lab Services are provided by Quest Diagnostics


*Lab Fees for Uninsured or Underinsured Residents
Uninsured and underinsured residents (choosing not to file through insurance) will be charge a $20 Draw Fee and can use the 2017-2018 Lab Services Pricing Sheet to calculate the  cost for lab service fees that will be charged at the time of service.

*Lab Fees for Insured Residents
Residents that choose to file through insurance will be charged a $20 Draw Fee at the time of service with lab services fees submitted to their insurance provider (Please note: Lab service fees listed on the 2017-2018 Lab Services Pricing Sheet may change when submitted to an insurance provider).

2017-2018 Lab Services Pricing Sheet

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