J&R’s Corner Market

Inspection Results for:

J&R’s Corner Market
301 Front Street
Novinger, MO 63559
(660) 488-5555


Date: 1/18/12                                                      Reason for Inspection: Routine

Critical Items: 
1. 3-501.16 Pizza prep cooler was not maintaining food temperature at 41 degrees F. or lower (hamburger at 42.8 degrees F.)
2. 3-501.16 Hot holding device was not maintaining temperature of pizza at 135 degrees F. or warmer. (pizza was 128 degrees F.)
3. 3-302.11 Raw shell eggs were stored in the cooler above a ready to eat food. (corrected)
4. 3-501.17 Opened containers of potentially hazardous food (sausage, etc) was not dated on the packaging.

Non-Critical Items:
1. 5-205.15 Faucet on three vat sink leaks when turned on.
2. 6-202.14 Door to bathroom was blocked open.

Date: 1/25/12                                                      Reason for Inspection: Follow-up

Critical Items: None

Non-Critical Items: None

Date: 7/27/12                                                      Reason for Inspection: Routine

Critical Items: 
1. 3-302.11 Raw shell eggs stored above ready-to-eat products in reach in cooler. – corrected
2. 3-501.17 Opened packages of deli meats in display cooler are not date marked – corrected.

Non-Critical Items:
1. 4-601.11 Some accumulation of food debris in bottom of prep cooler – corrected.
2. 4-903.11 Foam carryout trays are not stored inverted – corrected.
3. 3-305.11 Bag of onions stored on floor by chest freezer – corrected.
4. 4-204.112 Thermometers need to be accessible in all coolers.
5. 5-501.112 Dumpster lids left open.
6. 3-304.12 Knives stored with blade stuck in crack along wall.

Date: 4/29/13                                                      Reason for Inspection: Routine

Critical Items: None

Non-Critical Items:
1. 4-602.12 Accumulation of food debris on microwave interior – corrected.
2. 2-402.11 Need to wear hair restraint in prep area – corrected.
3. 4-602.13 Some liquid pooled along edge in bottom of prep cooler. – corrected
4. 4-903.11 (a) Pizza cardboard stored on the floor under table. (b) Box of foam hinged containers stored on the floor in the hallway. – corrected
5. 3-304.14 Wet wiping cloth laying on the cutting board. – corrected
6. 4-602.11 Some mold on interior of the ice machine. – corrected


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