Costa Rican Cafe Company

Inspection Results for:

Costa Rican Cafe Company
107 W. Washington
Kirksville, MO 63501
(660) 988-6861

Date: 7/14/11                                                                  Reason: Routine

1. 3-501.17 Black bean salad in prep cooler not date-labeled – corrected.

1. 4-501.114 Sanitizer concentration at three compartment sink below 50 ppm – corrected.
2. 4-601.11 Food build up on bottom of mixer head on drink mixer.
3. 6-202.15 Screen is coming loose from screen door in back.
4. 6-202.14 Women’s restroom door in not completely self-closing.

Date:1/23/12                                                                     Reason: Routine

1. 2-401.11 Food employee observed drinking from glass without lid and straw.
2. 3-501.16 (a) Turkey, ham, roast beef, bean salad, chicken salad, fish, and soup were not held at 41 degrees F. or colder in the prep cooler. (Products were discarded) (b) Undercounter refrigerator was not maintaining temperature at 41 degrees F. or less.

1. 4-601.11 (a) Outside of food containers in kitchen were not clean. (b) Inside of kitchen drawers were not clean. (c) Containers holding ice scoop and clean silverware on counter behind bar were soiled. (d) Soil and food particles were accumulated in crevices of seal on undercounter refrigerator door.
2. 2-402.11 Food employee working with food without hair restraint.
3. 6-501.12 Floors behind bar had soil and articles accumulated in corners and under equipment.
4. 6-202.15 Rear door of establishment is not self closing.
5. 5-501.113 Dumpster lids were open.

Date:1/30/12                                                                         Reason: Follow-up

Critical: None

1. 6-501.12 Floors behind bar had soil and articles accumulated in corners and under equipment.
2. 6-202.15 Rear door of establishment is not self closing.
3. 4-601.11 Shelving underf counter was soiled with spilled particles of food.
4. 3-304.14 Wet wiping cloths not kept in sanitizing solution between uses.

Date: 7/23/12                                                                       Reason: Routine

Adair Co. Ordinance: No one present at time of inspection with ServSafe or equivalent training.

1. 4-101.111 Duct tape used on lid of prep cooler.
2. 3-304.12 Using a plastic container with no handle as a scoop in bulk container of whole wheat flour.
3. 5-501.113 Lid left open on dumpster.
4. 4-204.112 Thermometers not observed or no present in chest freezers in upstairs storage area.
5. 6-501.12 Water pooled on floor in front of ice cream cabinet.

Date: 3/14/13                                                                       Reason: Routine

Critical: None

1. 4-602.13 Residue present on bottom of drink mixer head.
2. 6-201.11 Two ceiling tiles missing in the kitchen.
3. 4-501.12 Cutting board on the prep cooler is becoming worn with numerous cuts.
4. 4-101.111 Duct tape used on the outside of the prep cooler lid.
5. 6-501.12 Soil on the floor beneath the oven and prep table.
6. 4-602.13 Food debris in the bottom of the prep cooler.

Date: 9/23/13                                                                       Reason: Routine

1. 3-50.16 (a) Milk in refrigerator is at 43 F. (b) Mini fridge in kitchen is at 46 F.
2. 3-302.11 Raw shell eggs stored above other products in refrigerator.

1. 6-501.11 Tiles missing and busted in areas behind serving counter.
2. 2-402.11 Employee without hair restraint.
3. 4-602.13 Soil accumulation on the shelves in refrigerator.
4. 4-904.11 Some single service knives in stainless steel cup stored with food contact surface up and some down.
5. 6-301.14 No handwashing sign posted at new handsink.
6. 6-301.12 No paper towels or trash can at new handsink.
7. 6-201.11 Some areas of wall in new baking area have bare wood exposed.
8. 6-202.11 Lights in the baking area are not shielded or shatterproof.
9. 4-204.112 No thermometer in the GE refrigerator/freezer.

Date: 9/30/13                                                                         Reason: Follow-up

Critical: None

1. 6-501.11 Tiles in the serving area missing and busted.
2. 4-101.111 Edge of workstation in the bakery area is not sealed.
3. 6-201.11 Bare wood on walls and ceiling to be sealed or painted.


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