Full Moon

Inspection Results for:

Full Moon
816 Northtown Road
Kirksville, MO 63501
(660) 665-5600


Date: 8/23/10                                      Reason: Routine

Critical Items:
1. 3-302.11 Shell eggs stored above ready to eat foods in refrigerator. (Corrected)

Non-Critical Items:
1. 5-205.11 Soiled utensils stored in handwashing sink.
2. 4-601.11 Dried cheese splattered inside microwave. Insides of refrigerator door and shelves are soiled.
3. 3-305.11 Peanuts stored on floor in walkin cooler.
4. 6-501.11 Floor in men’s bathroom has hole near urinal.

Date: 2/25/11                                       Reason: Routine

Critical Items:

Non-Critical Items:
Adair Co. Ordinance – Person on duty has not attended Basic Food Training as required.
1. 4-602.12 Dried food debris on interior of microwave oven.
2. 3-304.12 Ice scoop stored laying on top of ice machine – not a clean surface.
3. 6-501.11 (a) Linoleum peeling up around edge near ice machine. (b) Floor in disrepair in front of urinal in men’s restroom and around toilet.
4. 4-903.11 Box of single service cups sitting on floor in hallway holding door open.
5. 6-202.15 Currently using plywood with holes to bring in cold air into walk-in not screened for protection.

Date: 8/8/11                                         Reason: Routine

Critical Items:
1. Establishment is operating without a valid food service permit.

Non-Critical Items:
1. 6-501.11 There is a hole in the floor covering in the kitchen.
2. 3-304.12 Ice scoop stored with handle in contact with ice.
3. 4-204.112 Thermometer not found or easily accessible in the chest freezer.
4. 6-202.15 Crack opening to outside around air conditioner in storage area.
5. 6-202.14 a) Door to women’s bathroom was propped open. b) Men’s bathroom door does not close completely and latch by itself.
6. 6-202.15 Screen over plywood with holes in old walkin cooler is not attached such as to prevent entrance of insects.
7. 4-601.11 Vent fan in kitchen has buildup of lint and soil.

Date: 2/29/12                                      Reason: Routine

Critical Items:
1. 3-501.16. (a) Container of chicken and noodles sitting on counter at 96 F and container of cooked corn sitting on counter at 104 F –discarded. (b) Chill Isle reach-in cooler air temperature at 54 F.
2. 3-501.17 Leftover containers of chili, noodles, and vegetable soup in refrigerator without date labeling.

Non-Critical Items:
1. 6-301.11 No soap available for handwashing in the kitchen.
2. 5-205.11 (a) Bucket with utensils laying in handwashing sink. (b) Pitcher and bowl laying on counter drying by handwashing sink – to be used for handwashing only.
3. 6-501.11 Hole in floor covering in the kitchen. (repeat)
4. 3-304.14 Wet wiping cloths laying on counter and table in kitchen.
5. 6-201.11 (a) Floor covering coming up under storage shelf unit in storage room. (b) Plywood under 3 compartment sink at bar is not smooth and easily cleanable. (c) Linoleum is torn on men’s restroom floor.
6. 6-202.15 Plywood covering on wall over hole in walk-in cooler is not sealed tightly.
7. 4-602.11 Mold accumulation in soda gun holder at the bar.
8. 6-202.14 Men’s restroom door is not self-closing.

Date: 3/7/12                                        Reason: Follow-up

Critical Items:
1. 3-501.17 Container of leftover fried chicken in refrigerator is not date marked.
2. 3-501.16 Chill Isle reach-in cooler behind bar is at 50 F – needs to be 41 F or lower.
3. 5-203.14 Hose attached to faucet at the three compartment sink behind bar without backflow prevention.

Non-Critical Items:
1. 5-205.11 Using handwashing sink to hold wet wiping cloths-to be used for handwashing only – corrected.
2. 6-501.11 Hole in linoleum on kitchen floor.
3. 4-204.11 Pepsi reach-in cooler does not have a thermometer present.
4. 6-201.11 Bare plywood on floor below three compartment sink at bar is not smooth and easily cleanable.
5. 4-602.11 Mold present in both soda gun holders behind the bar.
6. 6-202.15 Still can see daylight around plywood patch on back wall of walk-in cooler.
7. 6-202.14 (a) Women’s restroom door propped open. (b) Men’s restroom door is not self-closing.
8. 6-201.11 Hole in linoleum on floor of men’s restroom.

Date: 3/12/12                                       Reason: 2nd Follow-up

Critical Items: None

Non-Critical Items:
1. 6-501.11 Still need to address floor under shelving that is coming up in storage room.

Date: 9/6/12                                         Reason: Routine

Critical Items:
Adair Co. Ordinance – Person on duty does not possess at least a basic food certificate

Non-Critical Items:
1. 6-303.11 Light is not working in walk-in cooler being used for dry storage.
2. 4-204.112 Need thermometer in new Coke reach-in cooler.
3. 6-301.11 No soap available at sink at bar for handwashing.
4. 6-301.12 No paper towels available at sink at bar for handwashing.

Date: 5/14/13                                      Reason: Routine

Critical Items:
Adair Co. Ordinance – Person on duty does not possess at least a basic food certificate.
1. 3-302.11 Raw shell eggs stored on the top shelf of the refrigerator – corrected.

Non-Critical Items:
1. 6-301.12 No paper towels at the sink at bar – corrected.
2. 3-303.11 Bottle of soda stored in the ice bin at the bar.
3. 3-304.12 Popcorn scoop stored on top of the machine which is not a clean sanitized surface.
4. 4-602.11 Ice scoop in the ice bucket has soil present (Ice machine out of use).
5. 6-202.14 Restroom doors blocked open – to be self-closing.

Date: 12/17/13                                      Reason: Routine

Critical Items: None

Non-Critical Items: None


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