Club Lit

Inspection Results for:

Club Lit
119 S. Elson
Kirksville, MO  63501
(660) 665-2582

Date:  6/4/20                                    Reason for Inspection: Routine

Critical Items:
1. 5-202.13 Spray nozzle and hose at sink hangs down below the flood rim.
2. 3-501.6 Milk in the walk-in cooler is at 46 F.
3. 3-302.11 Raw shell eggs and ground beef on shelf in walk-in cooler above ready to eat products.
4. 3-501.17 Ready to eat products in cooler are not date marked.

Non-Critical Items:
1. 4-204.112 (a) No thermometers in bottle coolers at front bar. (b) No thermometer observed in the prep cooler of kitchen.
2. 5-205.11 Wiping cloth bucket blocking access to hand washing sink at front bar.
3. 6-202.14 Restroom doors propped open.
4. 3-304.12 Ice scoop stored on the top surface of the ice machine.
5. 3-305.11 (a) Box of onions stored on the floor. (b) Bags of flour stored on the floor of the kitchen.
6. 4-602.13 Food debris in the interior of the prep cooler.
7. 6-501.12 Food debris on the floor in the storage area.
8. 6-301.11 No soap available at hand sink downstairs.
9. 6-301.12 No paper towels available at hand sink downstairs.

Date:  6/11/20                                    Reason for Inspection: Follow up

Critical Items: None

Non-Critical Items:
1. 4-204.112 Thermometer not accessible in the prep area cooler.
2. 3-305.11 Flour stored on the floor in the storage area.

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