Changes in sense of SMELL or TASTE

Chemo can alter taste and smell receptors causing you to dislike certain foods. These changes can last the entire treatment. Your senses of taste and smell usually return to normal weeks to months after treatment has stopped.

  • Try new foods: you may develop a strong dislike to some of your favorite foods. On a day where you are feeling better, try some different foods to see if they are more appealing to your senses
  • Have someone cook for you or eat already prepared foods: Sometimes the smell of cooking food can be overwhelming and cause other signs and symptoms (nausea/vomiting) to flare
  • Try eating cold food: cold foods are not as likely to have a strong odor
  • Rinse your mouth
  • Eat with plastic utensils to eliminate the “metallic” taste
  • Try different sources of protein: red meat, chicken, pork, fish, soy and eggs. Find what suits you best
  • Eat fresh veggies: eliminates a metallic taste from the can


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