Arby’s #8680

Inspection Results for:

2607 N. Baltimore
Kirksville, MO 63501
(660) 262-3030


Date: 7/3/18                                        Reason for Inspection: Routine

Critical Items: 
1. 3-501.16 Ice cream mix in the soft serve machine at 59 F.

Non-Critical Items:
1. 2-402.11 Not all employees have hair restraints.
2. 4-602.13 Liquid in bottom of the True reach-in cooler.
3. 4-903.11 Box of clamshell containers stored on the floor in storage area.
4. 5-205.11 Access blocked to hand wash sink next to three compartment sink.
5. 6-501.12 Liquid pooled on the floor of the walk-in cooler.
6. 3-305.11 (a) Bags of ice stored on the floor of the walk-in freezer. (b) Boxes of food stored on the floor outside of walk-in freezer.

Date: 7/10/18                                      Reason for Inspection: Follow up

Critical Items:  None

Non-Critical Items:

Date: 12/7/18                                        Reason for Inspection: Routine

Critical Items: None

Non-Critical Items:
1. 6-501.12 Some food debris on the kitchen floor below the corner table.
2. 4-204.112 Thermometer not observed in the cold drawers.
3. 4-602.13 Food debris on the shelf below turnover storage.

Public Health